March, 2013

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Countdown to Release

  • AC:NL releases in the US:
    2899 days, 17 hours, 46 minutes, 19 seconds ago
  • The site is DONE!

    Yep! Everything is officially complete. Most of the minor stuff (scroll bars showing where they shouldn’t be/overlapping sometimes and not scrolling back up) are stuff that is just how the coding is–regardless, I’m really happy how this scrapbook look came out.

    Hopefully a guide book will be out a bit before the game so all the content can be put up as typing all the catalogs and things while the game is out will stink. Unless I stay up all night when the stores are closed and my inventory is full or something…

    MOVING ON… I’m just happy the site is working 100% 🙂 so yes, yay for that! (And Thank you to Junri and Hannah who helped me out with certain tidbits :3) Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, the site really won’t have any updates until June 9th when the game comes out (or if by some miracle I get the game early, then whatever day I get it). Regardless, you can find stuff over on my Tumblr with QR codes and various comments on items until then, not to mention a 100 Day Countdown Challenge which is quite a bit of fun.

    Besides that, right now I have it set to 1 entry per page (I expect my entries to be fairly long once the game comes out), but if it turns out they aren’t so bad, I will probably increase it to 5 or 10.