A Festive Day

Posted by: | on March 3, 2014

Today had quite a bit going on–Festivale is pretty big with all the confetti and music and dancing, but even more so Japan-region games had Hinamatsuri going on as well! I’ve spoke about that event, well, A LOT, so I won’t go into it again, but if you’ve been reading this from the beginning, you’ll know that is literally my favorite Japanese festival and I’m so so so so so so so so excited.

While I enjoyed parts of Festivale, my unluckiness against the villagers and with feathers in general, I took a break to go visit Rainy’s Japanese town to see how the Hinamatsuri-Festivale bash was going.

However, while the faceboard was there… I didn’t see Isabelle there at all. Not a super huge big deal, but I didn’t expect her not to be there. Regardless, I later found her standing outside of Town Hall which I found a neat surprise–so I guess that’s what happens when events overlap!

After Hinamatsuri festivities, it was back to my town for Festivale:

While I enjoyed Pave’s dancing and all the confetti, still kind of a frustrating event. Hinamatsuri was awesome though <3 (You can watch on Twitch or on Youtube)

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