A Chat from Jack

Posted by: | on October 4, 2014

If you have been reading my blog for quite a long time, you may recall that I never ran into Jack last October and ended up receiving a letter instead. This time, I actually did run into him! So I was pretty excited to finally have a chat even if I’d be skipping Halloween again this year:

Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to get much further on any of my other goals :( At least the tree should be at its biggest size by the end of the month…

Finally another Gold Badge

Posted by: | on September 2, 2014

So today, after many many many dreams, I finally received the Golden Dream Badge!:

I now have 4 Gold Badges left. The hard part is that I have no good way to keep track of how many I have to go which makes it a lot harder to be motivated. For reference, the ones I have left are the catching lots of bugs, fish, and diving creatures (5K for the first two, 2K for the last) plus the earning 5,000 medals one.

Some spotlights from the Dream Villages I visited:

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More StreetPass and playing

Posted by: | on July 31, 2014

So, I recently did some streaming as I wanted to try and not take as many StreetPass House pictures as I did last time:

It thankfully worked as here’s just a few highlights:

I also did one other stream where I played a bit of ACNL before switching to Tomodachi Life for a bit and then switching back.

And I updated my Dream Suite–this will be the last update until Fall when I should have the biggest tree:

Thanks to everyone who has visited! As for why I updated…

Yay for Shamrock green bamboo :D

If you’d like to visit, my Dream Address is 5100-2140-1457.

Birthday Stream

Posted by: | on July 18, 2014

So, today is my birthday and for fun, I decided to stream games (+ Nintendogs) that have special Birthday wishing moments. I’m not sure if there’s more 3DS games out of what I have that do (and I couldn’t find a good list) so I just did which I knew about:

Some screenshot highlights (Though, you’ll have to go to Jen’s Magic Castle for the Disney Magical World ones and Crystal Dreams for all the others) for Animal Crossing: New Leaf:

Not too many–mostly because I did a post last year for my birthday and you can see a lot of it in the video. That said, here’s some stuff from Julian, Diana, Cookie, and Peanut due to them being asleep still when I filmed the video:

Streetpassing along

Posted by: | on July 12, 2014

While I didn’t get many Tomodachi Life passes, I did get some Animal Crossing StreetPasses soooo :D

House photo time: