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As a reminder…

All posts about newer Animal Crossing games will be on my main website 🙂 This is specifically for New Leaf. So, I’ll be posting all Welcome to Animal Crossing content over there!

I made my first post today talking about what I am hoping for from the game and am looking forward to writing more as we get more information!

“Why don’t you play Animal Crossing anymore?”

I recently got asked this on Tumblr and felt my post there was also worth putting here as well so:
I still play! While I don’t really write much about it anymore, I do still play—in fact, earlier today I got Marina some medicine, checked in with all my villagers, and stopped Cookie from moving.

The thing is, it’s not much to write about—there’s nothing that interesting to read either. I’ll admit I’m not playing every day anymore, but it’s not so much that I don’t have stuff to do (As I definitely have badges to earn which would take a good long while)—it’s that I’ve had the game a bit ruined for me which has made me paranoid.

Besides the copying stuff (hard to be encouraged to work on your town and update your Dream Suite with that), I’ve mentioned before how I hate the moving mechanics in this game. After getting several villagers wanting to move in a row, it kind of killed it for me. The moving chance is so much higher in this game—especially as you get closer to villagers and that’s just so depressing.

I think it’d be less frustrating if it wasn’t for the “must move 16 villagers out to get another of the same” function even if I know why that exists or even have it so Nook would show up when people want to move in so you can place the house (And don’t give me the Mayors can’t judge where people place their houses—you don’t see people putting their houses in the middle of a highway or national park and it being allowed). I know I definitely miss Ruby a lot.

Moving on though, there’s something beyond frustrating when I can load up Wild World which I haven’t played in 3+ years and still have all my villagers there and then if I log in one day and load up New Leaf about 5-7 days later, there is a 90% chance someone will be gone and that’s it.

It’s just really really really frustrating. It’s hard to want to play more often when it just increases the chance something will be messed up.

On top of that, most of my friends do not play Animal Crossing anymore—only a few still do (and even then, most of them tend to be quite busy plus time zone differences) and stuff like the Island Minigames are a lot more fun with friends.

Finally, while I wanted to try and do a Dream Suite a day, part of the whole reason I got a Capture Card was to lessen how many pictures I take because I know how picture happy I can get with this kind of stuff. The problem is that XSplit saves these files as FLVs and I usually would use Windows Movie Maker. Despite doing format changes and trying, I’d have horrible luck with it and now have videos backed up to June with over 200GB of files just sitting there for me to edit and until I get that down, I really don’t want to stream anything. I have finally found something that works so I’m HOPING I can finally get some of that sorted, but I don’t want to get my hopes up either as the program I found that works without mutilating the quality and does what I need also has some issues with transitions and I can’t fast forward well which will be incredibly hard with videos that are 12-14 hours long…

Regardless, I do have plans for upcoming updates–stuff for April Fools Day, Weeding Day (plus finally getting the last Public Work I want), and Cherry Blossom season for example. There will also be 2-3 Dream Suite updates… But then I don’t know if I’ll really write much of anything besides my birthday in July and when my tree gets to the biggest size… Once that happens, there will be either one or two final Dream Suite updates but we’ll have to wait and see. And of course, whenever I get the DLC and badges I still need will be put up and hopefully happen before the end.

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