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An F.A.Q.! If you’d like to ask a question, you can comment here or whatever 🙂 and maybe it will be added here. Moving along…

Why is your site called “pinkwaters” if everything seems to say “Pink Sea”?
Because I actually wanted to name the town Pink Waters, but due to 8 character limitness, I had to use Pink Sea. I think Pink Waters sounds nicer though so I decided to leave the URL alone.

Can you explain the sections?
First, we’ll start with the tabs along the top:
1. Village will let you see more detailed information about my village including when it was created, stuff about the shopping area, the characters that live in the village, and villagers who no longer live in town.
2. Goals – This is essentially all my goals in the game. It includes my wish list of items I’m dying to get along with stuff like badge progress, house expansions, community projects, and personal exhibits I want.
3. Museum – This includes everything I need to finish the official museum exhibits.
4. Catalog – My goal to have a complete catalog 🙂 If you feel like dropping an item for me to pick up for my catalog, be sure to let me know!

Now, onto the ribbon to the lower right of the tabs…
1. Home – Gets you back to the main page.
2. About – A little About blurb about, well, this blog 🙂
3. F.A.Q. – You’re here 😛
4. Designs – Designs I’ve made for AC:NL 🙂
5. Art – Art I’ve received or done myself of my characters.
6. Tumblr – The off-wordpress blog on Tumblr (opens in a new window)
7. Links – Links to various awesome places 🙂
8. Contact – Where you can contact me!
9. Archive – Here you can find categories, tags, and well, an archive of past entries.

What’s your friend code?/Can you add me?
I’d rather not just give it out/add people randomly ^^; Sorry. Obviously, this is different for trades or other things… and if I know you, well, I hope we’re on eachother’s friendlists 😛

I have a question that isn’t here…
Send me a message asking then 🙂