What’s left to do

Posted by: | on January 27, 2014

A few people have been asking so:
1. Silver and Gold Catching lots of Bugs badge
2. Silver and Gold Catching lots of Fish badge
3. Gold Catching lots of Diving Creatures badge
4. Gold Medal earning badge.
5. Silver and Gold Dream Village visiting badge.
6. Get the last 15 items I need for catalogging. None of them are out yet so.
7. Get the last Public Work I want–one of the Weeding Day topiaries so last Friday in April.
8. Get my tree to the largest size which takes 500 days.

After #8 (I expect or would like to have everything else by then), I just want to do my final Dream Suite update in either April (Cherry Blossoms) or June (Summer = Vibrant green leaves and Hydrangea bushes in bloom). I haven’t decided which (feel free to give your opinion), but I’ll probably do a video of both. I’m leaning towards June though because as much as I love Cherry Blossoms and how much more pink is awesome, I largely use Hydrangea bushes and would love to see them all in bloom.

Wish I could have both 🙁

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