September, 2013

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Day 115 Bonus

Paid off my boyfriend’s bridge~ @-@ Been helping him with catching stuff too. He just has 2 things to go that are out right now, but one leaves tonight 🙁

Day 115

It’s raining today–which makes me honestly think the game knows how I feel. Between initial stress of not being able to find my game and then the actual confirmation of a Nintendo World Event the evening of the 11th, I’m pretty stressed out–even if it’s something I can’t control for over 10 days.

I actually had a lot of trouble finding my villagers today… it seems they were scattered rather randomly :/ Regardless, nobody really wanted anything either which seemed kind of odd. Not really in the mindset to think too much about it though.

There was a new SpotPass House at least!

Their house had a lot of instruments–especially guitars:

I didn’t do much else though. Just too much happening 🙁 At the very least, new DLC tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to visit Resetti again!

Day 114

Despite getting up at a decent time today, I ended up not getting to play until later. Things have just been super busy with packing and cleaning in preparation for the trip and it leaves very little time x__x as it is, because I love to give myself way too much to do, I have also been trying to work in the Pokemon Dream World into my schedule because of the rewards they are offering. I’m aiming to get the basic medals for Housing, Furniture, and Pokedolls and Gold for Dream Points, but I don’t know how it’lll end up… Nothing I can do about the battling ones though :/ (which annoy me just for existing)

Anyway, due to everything going on, it’s sadly just another villager check-in. I’d really like to do more Dream Villages and things, but I’d have to see if free time allows it.

But yes, moving on…
Marina – Spoke about rumors
Molly – Asked for new furniture
Julian – Wants to meet at his house at 3PM.
Marcie – Wanted a perfect fruit.
Diana – Spoke about how nice the town is.
Maple – Also spoke about rumors.
Peanut – Sold me a Rococo Shelf
Cookie – Sold me a Modern Wardrobe
Flurry – Had me deliver something to Cookie

Besides that, Diana also requested a Streetlight. I sadly couldn’t find Merengue though 🙁

Day 113

So, today started off surprising from the get-go. I had gotten the usual mail for inviting a villager over as thanks, but it ended up including Molly’s picture!

I wish I had a nicer place to put them. :/ I already ran out of room where I was so they are mostly just in storage right now. I don’t know if I ever will find a place for them.

Anyway, villager time (and all there will be for the next several days since no free time–expect possible random entries inbetween though!):
-Marina asked me to deliver a present to Flurry.
-Merengue warned me Molly was thinking of moving. JUST BECAUSE YOU GAVE ME YOUR PICTURE DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO MOVE, MOLLY.
-Molly, as you see above, wanted to move… Thankfully I did stop her.

Thanks to finding out early though, I didn’t have to go out of my way trying to find everyone.

River also stopped by to get a petition signed and for me to take a screenshot for her sprite on TBT:

I also had a Camper today.

And that was about it.

Day 112 Part 2

So, while I didn’t get to do more streaming earlier (so much to do…), I still did the streaming of the 3rd Freaky Friday dream town as planned so…

Dream Address: 1900-0445-3218 – Recording – how I hate K.K. Hypno…

Outside the house…I’m sure it won’t be as nice inside.

Watching TV with Santa… if only the room wasn’t so creepy 🙁

The left room wasn’t too bad until you turned around. The back room featured even more of those pictures…and a Scarecrow maze.

The left room was kind of depressing 🙁 …WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP GIVING DOLLS AXES?!

I feel like someone hurt Jingle for not getting what they wanted for Christmas or something. The other houses, thankfully, were much more adorable.

Or blinding. Not sure how to feel about this basement though…

If anyone is curious about the pauses during the creepy house, this was the itinerary:
1) Make your way to the home just northeast of the campsite.
2) Explore main room (5mins)
3) Explore left room (5mins)
4) Explore back room (5mins)
5) Explore right room (5mins)
6) Explore upstairs (5mins)
7) Explore downstairs (5mins)
8) Explore as you please. Note that there is only one spooky house in the town, although I do recommend everyone check out the basement in the home in the northeast corner by Hamphrey’s house.

It was based off The Ring…but I’ve never seen it so I can’t say much about that @-@