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SpotPass Cycle?

I had forgotten to check SpotPass houses yesterday so I stopped by today…

Reggie is there again! Looking no different than last time. Even his house is the same.

I wonder if this means the cycle is starting over now. Kinda sad there won’t be anymore new ones then though.

Day 115

It’s raining today–which makes me honestly think the game knows how I feel. Between initial stress of not being able to find my game and then the actual confirmation of a Nintendo World Event the evening of the 11th, I’m pretty stressed out–even if it’s something I can’t control for over 10 days.

I actually had a lot of trouble finding my villagers today… it seems they were scattered rather randomly :/ Regardless, nobody really wanted anything either which seemed kind of odd. Not really in the mindset to think too much about it though.

There was a new SpotPass House at least!

Their house had a lot of instruments–especially guitars:

I didn’t do much else though. Just too much happening 🙁 At the very least, new DLC tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to visit Resetti again!