A Chat from Jack

Posted by: | on October 4, 2014

If you have been reading my blog for quite a long time, you may recall that I never ran into Jack last October and ended up receiving a letter instead. This time, I actually did run into him! So I was pretty excited to finally have a chat even if I’d be skipping Halloween again this year:

Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to get much further on any of my other goals 🙁 At least the tree should be at its biggest size by the end of the month…

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  1. avatar Jim says:

    Awe. Sorry you don’t feel the urge to keep going. I had the insane goal of reaching all gold badges in a year (which I did between June, 2013 and April, 2014), but it took some MAJOR amount of time to do- especially in the beginning, as well as multiple copies so I can keep that town legit, because the other goals are to keep all 5 original villagers (so far, so good), keep this game in real time (makes it tricky when you travel as you’re constantly changing your 3DS clock to keep up with the new time), but travelling also allows for massive playtime! 😉 I’ve got the full size town tree, which was obviously on the 500th day, as I had that hour badge long before. Hope you can stay with it, it’s a cute picture Phineas telling you there’s nothing more he can give you.

    By the way, if you’re curious, yes, I still play even having unlocked everything, only now I play like I did Wild World, and the original- more Animal Crossing, less goal driven challenge. It’s just for the fun of Animal Crossing now that I play. I like the holidays, the talking to villagers, going to their parties, having them come to mine- was recently the second time in this game, and nursing them back to health when they’re sick. It’s just a nice utopian society, and I enjoy it, hopefully this can spark you to keep going. I’d love to help you out on the island medals, I’ve gotten good enough to get gold, and often times have carried others (getting the difference to make sure we both get gold). If not, have fun, and try to remember, this game isn’t made to be completed fast, just enjoy it one day at a time like you’ve done, and you’ll have those last badges in no time.