April 1st

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I’m not a super big fan of today due to various reasons, but I am actually somewhat excited for the event today. I like being a Detective so something like this seems pretty fun…for me anyway–I feel really awful for the villagers and I think if it was the other way around, I’d probably skip this like I skipped Halloween–regardless, I WILL TAKE MY DETECTIVENESS AND DO THIS EVENT PROUDLY >3

To start, we’ll begin with some Did you know’s (did you know… did you know…)
Did you know…
-Cookie’s birthday is June 18th, she dreams of being an Actress, she loves dancing, she’s the 5th of six children, and her quote is “Don’t Lose sight of what you’re really after.”?
-Diana’s birthday is January 4th, she dreams of being a Dermatologist, she enjoys writing about pickles, is the Eldest of 5, and her quote is: “Sometimes you have to lose to win.”? …which is really insightful honestly.
-Flurry’s secretly in Hamtaro birthday is January 30th, she dreams of being a Super Hero, she enjoys Peeling Apples, is a sibling of 10, and her quote is “Squeak your mind, even if your voice shakes.”?
-Julian’s birthday is March 15th, he dreams of being a Designer, he enjoys Speed reading, he has a Twin, and his quote is “Never trot when you can prance.”?
-Maple’s birthday is June 15th, she dreams of being an Architect, enjoys writing letters, is the eldest of 4 kids, and her quote is “Waste not, want not.”?
-Marcie’s birthday is May 31st, she dreams of being a Teacher, she enjoys Memorizing Stuff, is the Eldest of 4 kids, and her quote is “The road to a friend’s house is never long.”?
-Marina’s birthday is June 26th, she dreams of being a Pharmacist, she enjoys Tongue Twisters, she’s the middle child of triplets and her quote is “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? <-- if people could follow that, the internet would be a much quieter place. -Merengue's birthday is March 19th, she dreams of being a Pastry Chef, enjoys Doodling, is the Eldest triplet, and her quote is "Life is a piece of cake"? -Molly's birthday is March 7th, she dreams of being a Florist, enjoys drawing circles, is the Eldest of nine, and her quote is "Like water off a duck's back."? -Peanut's birthday is June 8th, she dreams of being a model, enjoys Hula Dancing, is the middle triplet, and her quote is "Never take a nibble when you can take a bite."? AND THUS ON TO THE EVENT...but first...OMGPINKCHERRYBLOSSOMSYAY:
Must update when the petals start falling…

And thus, to the event…


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