Day 101

Posted by: | on September 16, 2013


I really miss the vibrant grass colors though :/

It was then time to talk to all my villagers for the day~
-Cookie had me deliver something to Julian.
-Marcie wanted me to visit her at 6:30PM.
-Peanut wanted something for her room.
-Merengue wanted to visit my house at 6:40PM
-Julian wanted fruit.
-Marina tried to move. Stopped her :/ I’m actually really annoyed. This is literally a DAY after I stopped Flurry. Am I seriously going to be stopping someone everyday?
-Diana wanted me to buy her slate flooring.
-Maple wanted to talk to Marina.
I couldn’t find Molly and Flurry to talk to in town so bleh.

Also, thanks to Imaginos yesterday, I only have a few tops and dresses to go: Beatnik Shirt, Subdued-Print Tee, and Lime Dress. Technically the Blue Argyle Tank as well, but that is supposedly DLC so…

Anyway, today is Monday which means…new SpotPass House!

A Smash Brothers Emblem shirt and a stance on how to play~ Personally, I like having just Pokeballs on. I’d also like to say that everytime I see the Cool Globe for Earth Nature Day, I want to cry? Because if we had gotten the game in April when apparently they were all playing, we would’ve had Grass Day/Weeding Day and I’d have my topiary ._. Regardless, while I didn’t see anything I cared for, they did have some nice rooms. Though, I’m surprised they didn’t really have a very Nintendo-themed room considering…

But yes, that’s about it today. I just need to cheer up really v-v

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