Day 102

Posted by: | on September 17, 2013

Another rainy day today… I expect to get sick of it relatively soon considering there’s no plus to it besides the pretty music (which I noticed is less unique than the normal hourly music so it gets repetitive quicker) and I no longer need it to help prevent tanning. Regardless, considering I’m still pretty down, I suppose it fits.

^Most of what I end up doing while playing lately.

It seems like nobody is moving and I hope it stays that way… I was more than a bit down with getting one moving prompt after another.

I also had a new camper today.

I’d like to work more on badges, but my motivation is so dead right now 🙁 Which is especially bad as soon my free time will be dead and I will have to do the express reset.

I don’t know if I’ll set it up for day to day or just a full entry with each day yet… but I just wish so much wasn’t happening at once. Regardless, I did get one last surprise for the day…

So I opened up for some friends to sell. It still surprises me everytime–this is the first time in the game I’ve gotten high turnip prices and I never know how to react…

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