Day 11

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Video Log: Twitch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
——————–Note: There is no sound during these videos as I do not have my audio plug with me right now. I’d recommend muting though as sometimes sound from things I was linked to during the stream leaked through and it’s really loud and just not recommended.
Re-Tail Sign: Conch Shell
Turnips: AM: 89 Bells | PM: 84 Bells

So, considering it’s about 7:40AM, there really won’t be much going on, but Isabelle tells me what I am excited about today…


Got my gift from Katie and fake painting from Redd. Katie sent me another World Map 🙁

Kiki tried to move. I told her no. Thankfully, she changed her mind. Nobody is moving until they request their stuff. Except maybe Kyle or Tammy. I do need things from both of them, but I’d rather those areas be free, to be blunt.

Eeee! More awesome announcements.

It seems I have Redd today 🙂


At least she’s right before my only Perfect Peach tree…but… that is where my bridge was going to go :/ Ugh, I need to get these things unlocked ASAP. So upset right now.

Dream Suite Celebration! 😀

I also randomly got a Six Ball Tee from Flip.

Fortune Cookie had a Bullet Bill (“Bill Blaster”)…

And Kicks’ is being built!

Uploading my dream for my Dream Address…

So, my Dream Address is 5100-2140-1457 <3

Building and paying off the Instrument Box…

I can’t build another Public Work until other things are built or I unlock more. The Cafe needs to be built before the Street Lamp can be built and I can’t build the Cafe until Kyle moves… Can’t do the faceboards until I build the Fairytale Bridge and the Statue Fountain and now Astrid has to move… and the rest just need to be requested (although, Tammy also has to move for some). Just super frustrating and depressing :/

I then went and got my loan price from Nook and immediately paid it off. I also bought the Castle exterior since he had it for sale.

Now if he could just sell the other exterior items I want…

Received a Mannequin from Mabel today!

I plan to use it in one of my museum exhibits.

The ballet dress is cute!

I wish it had sleeves though.


I then remembered Redd should be opened now…

Only the Moving Painting was real so I bought that.

Ruby asked for an Apple.

She gave me a Ringside Table as thanks.

It was then another round of “Wait around and Pray for Public Work Projects”. Let’s hope for the best.

1. Ruby wanted new furniture. I gave her a Guppy. She gave me Ball Return.

I’ve noticed everyone wearing the orange default design in the Able Sister’s :/ Makes me wish I could do the other designs I want to… ._. Tempted to borrow my mother’s 3DS and try.

2. Tammy asked to see my house.

And that was it. Slow day >_>

Anyway, I stopped by Blue’s to order the Pink Tile for my Nook’s as while I can’t add new/expand rooms while a upgrade is going on, I can add other kinds of exterior changes, so now I just need the Pink Walls, Regal Mailbox, and Round Pink Door. Yay.

I also bought a Patchwork Chair which I am customizing in the “British” Style.

^The original look. If I don’t like it, I’ll probably change it back to that.

Now it is time…FOR DREAM SUITENESS 😀 I’ve been stocking up on Dream Addresses for months and have randomized them in a list to see where we will be going. I will be doing EVERY SINGLE ONE today in order to “break in” the Dream Suite :3


Dream Address: 2000-0628-8057

Dream Address: 0000-0100-0017 – Nintendo Village

Dream Address: 1600-0232-1425 – the map that should’ve been mine if my luck wasn’t terrible T~T

Dream Address: 3000-2091-3835 – Lovely Village – In which I see all my hopes and dreams and am laughed at by the radio.

Dream Address: 2700-0479-3034 – Gosick-themed village 😀

Dream Address: 3700-0178-7486 – JENOVA Village

One day you will be mine [somehow] Hinaningyou T~T

Dream Address: 2800 – 0140 – 5359

Took a small pause to do some things… Picked up my chair.

It kind of looks awful so changing it back to default.

I also delivered something from Ruby to Flip and received a Alpine Low Table as a Reward. And watered some of my flowers.


Dream Address: 2300 – 0118 – 0781

Dream Address: 2400-0566-2673

And then I remembered I hadn’t checked the island yet… SO OFF TO THE ISLAND. There weren’t any good items, but I had fun doing some of the tours I hadn’t done before. Then more Dream Suite-ing :3

Dream Address: 2400-0151-6512

I was actually hoping to do a lot more, but it’s really not that easy/quick to go through. Anyway, while I have the game opened in hopes for requests, I think I’ll just try and focus on getting my wishlist done. (I also did a quick Reset to unlock the Reset Center…still not sure if I want to build it yet though…although, it did make me feel bad from his little speech 🙁 ) On the bright side, Blue gave me a Regal Dresser. Will have to refurbish it tomorrow.

I also found out that there is actually a nicer pink roof (I thought the Fuchsia one looked iffy)… The Coral Pink Roof:

Image thanks to MerongCrossing

So I still need a roof afterall–plus the walls and door. X__x It would’ve been nice to finish it today (as I hate having to put off a room expansion for exterior stuff), but oh well.

And did a quick run over to Matt’s to do some catalogue-ing with Matt and Selaphi. Selaphi also gave me a Mama Bear and a Baby bear 😀 Can’t wait to refurbish the Baby Bear.

Note to Self: Get a Mosaic Tile Carpet