Day 110

Posted by: | on September 25, 2013

So, today looks rather cloudy to be honest. Wonder if it’ll rain later or just stay like this… I didn’t really have much to do though, so it was just villager checking and catching whatever I see.

Cookie – Wanted me to deliver something to Julian
Marina – Wanted to visit my house
Peanut – Wanted my black bass
Molly – Wanted a petition signed.

Julian – Wanted a perfect fruit
Merengue – Wanted to change her catchphrase. I changed it back to shortcake.
Marcie – Wanted my cricket.
Diana – Spoke about being an actor.
Maple – Asked how she looked.

And that was really it. I would’ve liked to work more on catching stuff, but playing games with a sinus headache is really awkward x-x

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