Day 111

Posted by: | on September 26, 2013

Today is a pretty late update since the entire day was mostly work and driving… Nice to finally be home. Tomorrow, I will probably start the preparation for the craziness up ahead. To be honest, I will probably just be checking in on my villagers as usual, but before I get into that…
Next month’s DLC! I honestly didn’t see the Rice-Plant Bed coming–guess this is more proof the Prima Guide screwed up where DLC is from. Though, I wonder if that means the Pile of Leaves and Autumn-leaf Chair will actually be some of the next Nintendo Zone items then or something… Mikayla suggested they could be the next two month items which is definitely possible–though, I think a Autumn-y item in December would be kind of odd. Speaking of which, Japan is getting the Pumpkin Pie through the Streetpass Relay system which is pretty cool. …I seriously envy people who set up a relay through their house. I’d love to do something like that…

Anyway, to actually playing!

-Marina wanted some fruit.
-Peanut told me about how she uses her watering can as a lunch box and bought the Shaved Ice Maker I had on me.
-Merengue told me about a unique Kaleidoscope. She also warned me about Redd.

Thus, I gave a quick check to see if Redd had anything my boyfriend needed. Sadly, he did not 🙁
-Julian wanted some new furniture.
-Maple wanted me to deliver something to Marcie
-Marcie wanted a new greeting.
-Molly complimented me on my fishing.
-Cookie wanted to give me a new nickname.
-Diana bought my goldfish.
-Flurry wanted to know how her outfit looked.

Then I just updated my Dream Suite (later than I’d like, but I haven’t been able to these last few days…) and that was really it for today.

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