Day 117

Posted by: | on October 2, 2013

So, today is day 2 of the Bagworm Hunt… Yes. Even after searching for over 12 hours, I never found one 😐

I also made sure to check with my villagers as I searched:
Flurry sold me a Kiddie Carpet
Molly wanted to go to my house, but I told her not today since today is hectic enough. X-x
To my surprise, Julian gave me some medicine for my face after I got stung by bees T~T <3 Peanut spoke to me about her old town. Marcie gave me a Sno-Cone tee. Cookie wanted a new piece of furniture. Diana spoke to me about a giant party with gingerbread. Maple also wanted to visit my house :/ Merengue spoke to me about rumors and K.K. Slider Marina I stopped by Ruu's to drop off a Fedora Chair for her <3

After several more hours of trying to find a Bagworm for the day, I gave up 🙁 Have too much packing to do. Until I say I found one, just assume my continued failure.

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