Day 12

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Re-Tail Sign: Wallpaper
Turnips: AM: 80 Bells | PM: 76 Bells

My fancy house 😀

Carina let me try out the Garden Walls. They are kind of pinkish–but more towards purple like the roof is and I’d just rather the pink/white walls. Still looks nice though. I really love how it’s all coming together, however, so I hope to see the roof, door, and walls I need soon to make it as pretty as it can be.

Received Mail from the HHA and Redd. Got my painting from the latter and a fancy jacket from the former.

See, very fancy. I may give it to Sir–I think it’d look nice on him.

I then decided to be nice and go say Hi to Astrid…

I’m honestly not going to talk to her again though. If she does the alert thingy and it’s anything other than a Public Work request, I’ll just say no. Sorry, Astrid :/ But this is a very important WIP and you can’t be there. As it is, despite being Snooty like Miranda, she’s definitely a lot ruder…

I chopped down the Cherry Tree today…

But I’m looking for a Heart, not a butterfly, so time to try again.

Heading over to Re-Tail to get my Regal Dresser and Baby Bear done.

Regal Dresser is going up first. Making it pink~ It’ll be done at about 11:45AM today. There is a chance I’ll change it back as I think a combination of pink with the white and gold looks nice (like the lamp) and I am keeping my wardrobe white and gold, but we shall see. I know I want the sofa to be pink afterall. I just kind of wish it wasn’t the gold that changed, but the white in some cases.

Kyle asked for a replacement for his flower bouquet. I gave him a Peacock Butterfly. I really like giving my villagers pets.

He gave me a rocking chair as a Thank you.

Celebrating the Instrument Center and last Public Work for a while unless someone requests something good…

I feel like the Instrument Center has gotten bigger. I know I’ve seen them before and they didn’t seem so big… or my character is smaller than most people 🙁

Shortly after, Kiki sold me a Typewriter and Miranda wanted to see my house.

She wanted to see all my rooms…

Tammy asked for a peach. Simple enough. She gave me a Playroom Rug as a thank you.

Anyway, I went to get a new room from Nook–but checked the exterior stuff first. I REALLY need to get my house fully upgraded and start getting things done so I can clear out my wardrobe (which is almost completely full), but I don’t want to miss out on an exterior either :/

“Thankfully”, there wasn’t any so I didn’t get an exterior change. However, this means if any of my friends have one of the 3 things I need today, I can’t grab it from them :/ I asked for the basement to finish off the rooms. Plan to move the Mermaid set down there, fully upgrade the upstairs, then keep switching between upgrades for the other rooms.

I’m looking forward to having a Catalog.

It looks nicer than I expected so I think I’m going to keep it pink.

Next, Baby Bear. It is being made in Yellow Tartan. Should be done around 12:30PM.

QR Machine unlocked~

Not that it matters since I’ve had to modify or re-do everything for some reason so…

I then put on my trusty marine suit and Detective Hat to check out the island. Stopped by at Club Tortimer first.

Unfortunately, despite the sucky items, someone was there. I did my best to try and do movement-language (make letters through walking), but I don’t know if they got it. I think they thought I was crazy 🙁 Can’t blame them. They left shortly after. Sorry I couldn’t say anything to you, Sam! You seemed nice. I was going to leave, but someone joined before I could head back… I decided to try and sneak in to leave.

But it didn’t work 🙁 Regardless, they didn’t seem to want to do anything but shop so I went back to my village. It was then off to the normal island.

I had the Mermaid Chair on my island!

Yeeees. Just the Mermaid Wardrobe to go and I have the whole set. Since it used up nearly all my medals, I went to do some minigames. Scavenger Hunt sadly wasn’t there 🙁 Spider-Crab was the only one I hadn’t done before, so I went and did that. I may try some others later.

Random posing with Peach Trees because I realized I don’t have many pictures with them despite them being my town fruit.

Picked up my lovely Yellow Tartan Bear~

I then went and took a visit to Hanabi. I’ve wanted to visit for a while, but the not being able to talk thing had gotten me down.

I hope my town can look even close to as nice one day.

She has such nice rooms. I really like the wallpaper in the second room. Not sure where I’d use it, but I hope to get it at some point.

She had the pink Exterior. I cried 🙁

We then headed to the island to play Minigames and swim/fish/etc..

When I first saw this, I found it the most hilarious thing. I’m [mostly] over it now, but it’s still my favorite “pun” in the game.

For those who don’t get it, an Octopus is a Cephalopod–thus the podcast.

I really love fountains.

And the music in the cafe.

You will be in town one day, Brewster… (Kyle needs to move out first though)

Also, some European DLC was recently announced. I need that Tea Set ._. And as I already said on Tumblr, I hate Exclusives :/ I want to see all the events in one game and all the items be able to be gotten in every region. I’ve made wonderful friends from different regions, but friendship is still possible without things like this.

I went and paid off all my other character’s tents and got them each a Photo so yay.

I put up the Corkboard for customizing–it’ll be used in one of Seamstry’s rooms.

I then went over to Blue’s to play Detective with Redd’s painting. Seriously, I love being able to do this.

She’s doing a lot of work on her town :3

Picked up the Corkboard~ :3

I customized it with Kids’ Drawings.

…Flip just randomly gave me a CD Player. That is actually what I needed for my Mermaid Basement room though so yay. Plan to use the Turntable in the Trophy Room, Lily Player/Lily Recorder/Lily Phonograph (I have no idea what it is called) for the Bedroom, Phonograph for the Main Room, Sweets Player for the Kitchen, and Jukebox for the Toy Room @-@ I haven’t thought it through which players for the other houses yet though…

Blue and Mark visited to pick up some stuff I had for them.

Then I headed to my mom’s to drop off stuff for her. She gave me two fossils–one Apato Fossil (Torso) to go towards the Model and a Diplo fossil to donate to the museum.

Decided to get a new photo as the Crown seems to be winning the votes ATM.

I can’t wait until I have emotions… I should see Dr. Shrunk anyday now.

After updating at the Dream Suite (One person has already visited!), I decided to go to the next town on my list.
Dream Address: 1700-0189-7650 (Video Log)

Now if only I could find one outside a dream… 🙁

I would’ve liked to do more, but I really need to try and get a villager request for a new public work and I can’t do that from a dream 🙁

Matt let me stop by to pick up something for my boyfriend and also gave me a balloon 😀

Yay for Balloons <3 Unfortunately, requests are still failing... Miranda sold me a Parquet Floor. Flip had me deliver a gift to Miranda... I received a Bad Plaid Shirt as thanks. Which Rocco then traded me his Optical Shirt for. He then randomly gave me a Tape Deck.
And a pretty night to end the entry~ Sadly, no requests were gotten 🙁 Depressing day.

Edit: I was heading to bed when I noticed a blue light (Spotpass) on Animal Crossing! This, of course, got my attention immediately so I went to figure out what it was.

First place to check was the Post Office. I wasn’t in a Best Buy (nor did I change my SSID) so I didn’t know what to expect, if anything. Regardless, I was reminded how it’s one per person and they had nothing for me.

Thus, my only other idea was the Happy Home Showcase–the StreetPass feature as we are supposed to get special SpotPass Houses too. However, the only person there was one of my mom’s characters with some bubbles.

Regardless, I decided to take a look around. My mother had a Baby Bear in her house so I went and ordered 3 which should finish up the amount I need. Sadly, nothing.

…It was definitely a blue light :/ So weird… I hope I didn’t miss anything. And then Rocco randomly gave me a Cement Mixer.

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