Day 131

Posted by: | on October 16, 2013

To my surprise, I had a letter from Nintendo upon loading my game up today!
“Dear Jennifer,
The weather’s getting chilly,
so now’s the perfect time to
try new indoor games, like
shogi! Enjoy a piece on the
house! But don’t feel bad if
we still beat you!
From the gaming masters”

As the letter says, it came with a Shogi Piece. If only they sent this sooner (For those wondering, this was the last store furniture item I needed for my catalog). I also received a letter from Diana with some Red Headgear.

Anyway, I went to greet my villagers… Cookie wanted to trade my Jackhammer for her Tea Set… Unfortunately, I had an awful time trying to find everyone else. Eventually, I did find them thankfully x-x
-Julian wanted me to bury a time capsule.
-Molly gave me a Kiwi Tank.
-Maple wanted a cherry.
And everyone else was just talking about the town so yeah @-@

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