Day 133

Posted by: | on October 18, 2013

Unfortunately, despite looking like it’d rain yesterday, it never actually did… And sunny skies returned today. Along with the shirts I ordered to try and get Julian to change his shirt back.

Besides mailing the shirt, not too much is happening. I have a Dream Village I’d want to go to (along with my list that is still growing), but since I can’t take pictures without my main 3DS, I’d rather not do so until I get it back so…

Other than the daily Villager check-in, Redd was in town today. His only real piece of artwork was the Calm Painting, but it wasn’t one of the 3 my boyfriend still needs so bleh.

I really wish it wasn’t so hard to find some of my villagers, though v-v;

At the very least, I was able to stop Maple from moving thankfully…

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