Day 135

Posted by: | on October 20, 2013

Today will be an even shorter entry than usual due to still being down from the previous entry I had to write. For those wondering about my 3DS, no, I do not know when it’ll be back–I just know that the person has a lot of orders and stuff so yeah. I just hope it’ll be soon. 🙁

Anyway, Molly asked if I wanted a new nickname–I said no. She also invited me to her house. Meanwhile, Merengue wanted me to deliver something to Marcie. And that was it. Nobody else wanted anything.

Besides that, I had a Camper today: Baabara the Snooty Sheep.

And that was pretty much it. What took the longest was waiting for Merengue to stop fishing so I could tell her I delivered the package…

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