Day 14

Posted by: | on June 21, 2013

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Re-Tail Sign: Shirt
Turnips: AM: 188 Bells | PM: 223 Bells


So firstly, today is the Summer Solstice! Kicks also opened up today and well…


Also got an Illusion Floor and Mini Dharma from Miranda and Joey respectively in the mail.

Getting things signed~

Katie is here! (no surprises there) I’ll have to take her somewhere else in a little bit.

Not really my kind of thing but I appreciate the thought, Isabelle!

I really love faceboards >>

Stepped in a Pitfall :/ Someone must’ve fell in mine yesterday or dug it up. Darn it.

With all my villagers asleep except Kiki (Technically, Flip should be up too, but I can’t find him) and me having no idea how many fossils I have left to go when there’s Gyroids (I think it’s still 4 but… always that last one :|), I decided to go grab Katie and take her over to my mom’s town.

Speaking of Kiki, she REALLY likes your letter Zed. It’s her new bedtime story.

Anyway, after dropping off, we took a picture at the Faceboard.

Yay for faceboardness.

I then headed back, found my last fossil, and…YAY PHINEAS 😀

Oh my god, so many xD Tempted to attempt doodling something.

Anyway, Re-Tail was opened now so I went to sell some stuff and pick up my next bear. Next one will be Flower Print 😀

Then, it was time to buy out all the shops 😀

Yay for Kicks’ opening!

Picked up my next Bear :3 Final Papa Bear will be Leopard Print.

Also still working on getting signatures 😛

Another loan paid off <3
There was nothing good at his shop, so second floor is being fully expanded. Tomorrow, I will probably do the back room first as so many teddy bears… then the left room, the right room, the basement, and repeat.

Eee 😀 All signatures gotten~

OMGYAY 😀 Miranda suggested a Hot Spring! Not necessarily what I hoped she’d suggest first, but now I can at least start on one area!

…of course, Isabelle won’t let me build anything to day since it’s a holiday 🙁

Rocco wanted some new furniture so I gave him a Sea Bass. He gave me a Rocking Horse as Thanks <3 I also had to deliver something to Joey from Miranda. He gave me a Comfy Sweater as Thanks. It was then time for StreetPass-ness 😀
Blue Heart Balloon :3

Leopard bear done 😀 So gave him my first Mama Bear to make Blue Marble :3

Helped Joey out and bought his Weight Bench. Yay for catalogging things.

Then, it was mostly just some interior design plus hoping for more requests @-@

Also, lots of Teddy Bear Pick-ups. Now that they are all done though, not sure what I will customize next…

Reese was buying for quite a bit this afternoon:

But I already sold mine for 500+ at Hanabi. Though, if I have the patterns right, I think it may be even more tomorrow morning…

Kyle invited me to his house and let me buy something.

To be honest, I didn’t really care for anything he had, but I picked out the Electric Guitar since I still needed one to catalog.

He also clapped at my performance.

Also did some minigames during the long drive home…

…and even got another badge!

Rocco also invited me to his house and let me buy something. I mostly picked randomly.

It’s fun to play around with taking screenshots.

Upon getting home though, I saw I had a SpotPass notification again! Some people suggested it may be due to someone visiting your Dream Village… so I decided I’d take a look…but first, STREETPASS 😀 I got a Mint Double Scoop Icecream 😀

While checking out StreetPass, Jessie asked if she could bring Kate over so I decided to stop at my gate first before checking out the Dream Suite theory. Selaphi then popped over to give me a Baby Panda :3

It was then onto Dream Suite!

Looks like the theory may be correct. I’ve met 4 people now.

The sky is quite blue during Summer Solstice.

And then I remembered I still needed to stop by Hanabi today :3 She was having a cute get-together. I had so much fun catalogging things! AND SHE HAD THE POLAR BEAR SO GUESS WHAT I AM ORDERING A BUNCH OF?! 😀 yeeeeeeees.

Since I couldn’t talk, I tried to interact with items.

I love the namedrop when you have Coffee at another town.

I also did my best to say Thank you out of items. I’m not sure if it worked.

Also, lovely picture that she took:

Upon getting back to town, I went and ordered 5 Polar Bears. Along with several other things >> This should surprise no one.

Also, my badges as of today:

I then visited Jessie as she had a dress for me 😀 (Also, some of the shops on Main Street close waaaay too early)

Anyway, my boyfriend came over as did Blue and Blue gave me the Fancy Carpet and my boyfriend picked up the Hero’s Hat I had for him 😀 I also gave them both some bells and my boyfriend ordered me Stately Wall so I should have all the main wallpapers + floorings soon~


Dream Address – 1400-0126-5598 – Zville – Zed’s town! Even though I can go when he invites me and we are on eachother’s friend’s list, I thought this would be fun.

Dream Address – 1800-0117-6654

I then decided to try and do a Random town again… unfortunately, same weird error. I wonder if it’s down or something… So, final Dream Address for the day…: 2400-0156-6107

It was then off to Mark’s to play on his island for a little bit.

I bought a Life Ring. Also caught things.

Then we played some minigames and that was about it 😛

To my surprise, upon getting back to my village, Isabelle wasn’t in the square! So, I headed to townhall and there she was–letting me make a Public Work Project no less! Thus, HOT SPRING TIME 😀

And promptly paid it off too <3 Now I suppose I should be off to bed so that will be it today~ Or well, almost. last Dream Address: 3400-0477-4296

And Streetpass <3
Chocolate Soft-Serve 😀