Day 144

Posted by: | on October 29, 2013

I actually streamed for the first time in a while today due to the fact that the European/PAL Region Nintendo Village town had updated it’s dream for Halloween. I figured it’d be fun to check out. Maple wanted to see my house, Marina wanted me to deliver something to Diana, Peanut wanted her time-capsule dug up and Merengue wanted an apple which I managed to get done… Diana wanted a Koi, but I’m just too out of it to really do much in the fishing department.

Of course, if that wasn’t enough, I also ran into Phineas!:

Yay 😀 Gulliver was here as well–I’ll admit, I actually had some trouble realizing he was talking about Portugal…

Once I finished checking on the neighbors I could find, it was off to Dream Suite!:
Dream Address: 7900-2106-3477 – [PAL] Nintendo Village

There were costumes scattered all around outside for visitors to wear which was nice too <3 Was sad there was no Halloween faceboard though. And kind of surprised that I could not find any room that matched the one in Isabelle’s picture

After that, it was time to look through some StreetPass houses 😀

I didn’t get to finish though due to feeling pretty terrible. Still 2 maps to go X__x Thus, that was about it. Also, for those who asked… I didn’t get any SpotPass house this week 🙁 I wonder if there won’t be anymore… I hope that isn’t the case though.

As a final thing today though, I got my first Town Tour request for TBT Bells in My shop on The Bell Tree to visit a town so…

Dream Address: 5400-2967-8035 – Paradox Village

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