Day 150

Posted by: | on November 4, 2013

Due to not feeling well, I didn’t play too much today, but I was excited to see a new SpotPass house today!

I guess they were just taking a break for a bit.

I also decided to finish checking all the houses in the HH Plaza <3

And that was about it :3 (For those who have asked about my other gaming exploits–I finished AA5 (normally I finish quicker, but between the delay to actually get it due to the SD Card slot issue and allergies being so awful…) and am still currently at a pause in Pokemon until I get a shiny female Vivillon with the Meadow pattern T__T Also slowly going through Hometown Story)

One Comment  to  Day 150

  1. avatar Erica says:

    Crazy, I got Cesar the other day, too!