Day 161

Posted by: | on November 15, 2013

So, I popped on Animal Crossing to try and finish some things and to my surprise, I was greeted with a letter from Nintendo!

I expected it to just be a regular item or a reminder of the DLC out, but it was actually a Nintendo Spotpass letter item–the Pile of Leaves!:

And yes, it IS reorderable for 400 bells! Running through the leaves is quite fun. Apparently those in Europe are getting the Flamenco Hat through a Nintendo Zone during this time.

I then went to check with my villagers and as expected, Peanut asked to move and apparently decided to 2 days ago… I’m happy I managed to stop her:

I also felt really bad as I forgot to bury Cookie’s time capsule 🙁 Blah. Andy stopped by though to get his petition signed however.

I was glad I could help :3

Anyway, I decided to try and begin the “At least One Dream Village” a day plan I had originally came up with when I decided to do this blog so I can at least still pop in… thus, today’s which is a bit of a fun one:
Dream Address: 6200-2405-7671 (last on list), 6400-2932-1834 (3rd on list), *forgottocheckthe3rdone* (2nd on list), and 6400-3072-1629 (first on list) – Sugardew Village – A friend of mine was typing in random town names and found it interesting to see 4 different Sugardew’s all with the exact same Mayor name, so we figured maybe it was a town who’s Dream Address got reset a few times (Due to map resets or otherwise) and checked each–starting from the bottom and moving up.

I would say the top one of the list was the most finished.

And as a bonus… Two of my friends had updated their Dream Addresses recently so I decided to stop by:
Firstly, Mikayla’s village! If you haven’t visited Somsom village, I must ask you why XP You can follow Mikayla on Twitter and check out her Youtube channel here for all kinds of helpful information! <3 But yes, her Dream Address: 8400-2230-0605

Personal favorite: The Christmas-ness of SS Hotel! As silly as it is, I always thought it’d be fun to have Christmas at the Plaza–probably due to Home Alone 2 (even though the special hotel room at the end with two floors is actually the Conrad Hilton Suite in Chicago). Despite living in NY, that is something that will never happen due to how expensive such a thing would be!

Secondly, one of Sosostris’ towns! 😀 She has 3 and is an awesome AC (and other games) blogger. This time, we are visiting Hanabi–one of her English towns! Dream Address: 4500-2096-7539

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  1. avatar Sian says:

    My flamenco hat came from the Nintendo zone, not as a letter like this so I’m hoping we’ll also get these leaves! I’m in the UK.