Day 163

Posted by: | on November 17, 2013

I never forget why I hate ordering stuff until I actually do and that’s due to the fact that because I keep my tools in my mail, I only have 2 slots opened. I decided to finally clear out a little bit–but the only items I could truly “retire” were my Slingshot and Axe so I only freed up to 4 slots. I can’t retire my shovel just yet as I know I will have to “dig things up” again once I make an area for Snowballs (so I can catch that Dung Beetle)… Once I do that, I’ll have a 5th slot opened. The fishing rod and bug net need to stick around as I still need my medals for catching a lot of things. I just wish I was more motivated for it. Similarly, my Detective Hat needs to stick around until I have the medals for island games (otherwise, I could just take it out as needed when playing with friends and for the Summer) while I need the Marine Suit for the Diving a lot badges. As for the watering can… I technically COULD retire it for now as I never really water anything anyway… so maybe I’ll retire that too. I only see myself using it when I do my final “Dream World” update and that’s still a ways off.

While retiring said items, Merengue ended up showing up for a surprise visit.

Before I retired my Watering Can until who knows when, I decided to water all my flowers before a Dream update today due to accomplishing some things I had wanted to yesterday. How I hate watering things ._. (I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL ORDINANCE). Peanut felt bad for me and tried to help, but she just kept watering stuff I already watered…

In the end, while I lasted longer than last time, I still gave up. The smiles were only on the outside 🙁 I really wish I could hire Leif to water my flowers.

Anyway, as for who won the Carp-only Fish Tourney yesterday, according to the Bulletin Board:
1st Place: Diana
2nd Place: Cookie
3rd Place: Marina

And thus, Dream Village time:
Dream Address: 6500-2309-3621 – Glimmer Village

T____T I was not prepared for the scaryness (which you will not see pictured, but you can find recorded).

Due to surprise scaryness, one more Dream village!
Dream Address: 3700-2069-4814

…o_o They even perfectly duplicated his house.

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