Day 187

Posted by: | on December 11, 2013


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Picking up a flower, entering a building, and then going back out did cause Snowballs to spawn! So it was Dung Beetle time. I lied in wait.

After longer than it should’ve been:

I even recorded it including me donating to the museum:

And then I made my first Snowman!:

However, I did have some issues. Snowballs didn’t always spawn and sometimes I only got one… And my Snowmam even moved:

And I think may have murdered a flower…. Regardless, I hope I will see Phineas later to get another gold badge T~T And I managed to stop Diana from leaving thankfully x-x She apparently was going to leave in 2 days… I would’ve been so upset if I didn’t stop her. She’s one of the new villagers I really adore and the person who gave me her is just really nice and awesome and just yeah, I hope I never lose her or any of my villagers. (Seriously, if there was like a…patched feature to make it so you can set a villager to never move, I would cry tears of happiness)

Also Flurry was better so I finally was able to give her her time capsule!

Very appropriate for a Time Capsule to have 😛

(and for those curious… I have Star-Patterned Snow:

😀 )

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