Day 2

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Re-Tail Sign: Pondskaters
Turnips: Joan was selling for 92 bells each.

So, it is officially Day 2 in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Ruby replied to my letter, Joan is in town selling turnips (at 92 bells each), and I decided to buy 100.

After that, I headed over to Town Hall where Isabelle told me how I needed get my approval rating up for a permit which is the goal for today. I changed our town tune and will be designing our flag soon to change that as well.

I then went to Nook’s Homes as I paid off my tent. After given another debt, I paid that off too.

I also bought a Blue Mermaid Fence–one of the things I was hoping for with her exterior. Unfortunately, it seems buying this has made it so I can’t ask Nook for a house upgrade which stinks… :/ I then proceeded to go buy out the other shops as to make them upgrade faster @-@ And of course, in this process I run into a certain friendly item… CROWN STOP SHOWING UP WHEN I CAN NOT AFFORD YOU:

After finishing my flag, I noticed my town tree grew a bit!

Still not at 100% approval rating though 🙁 And in an effort of awesome timing, I was then invited over by Zed for minigames <3 We played a few and then spent a bit of time in his town :3 Everything was closed, but it was still fun!

When I headed back, Selaphi came over and I gave her the wig she asked me to pick up for her :3 Today is mostly relaxing over just scrambling to get my approval rating up x-x I also found out someone named Tammy is moving in where I planned to do park stuff… Hopefully she won’t stay long :/ Ugh, I want to be able to place public works already. On the bright side, I caught a bee!

Today was a fun day with the villagers too–Rocco invited me to his house and Ruby came over my house at 3:30PM, but my place is a mess so… I really need a bigger house :/ I tend to think too much of the end result so I’m not very good when it comes to the progress.

After some more wandering around and fishing/catching things, I went and planted some fruit. I realized I was probably pretty behind on getting what was needed for the Garden Shop so hopefully that’ll be enough. I think they should look nice if they all grow, although, I may switch out some of the fruits or change location later… I also cut several trees down as it was just… there were way too many giant clusters of trees and it was hard to see if any bugs were on them so yeah. I managed to get most gone, but there’s still one or two left that I couldn’t get to before I ran out of axes. Regardless, after being at 98% so long, I FINALLY hit 100%!


Waiting until tomorrow will suck though :/ In the meantime, I also went and made another one of the patterns I need to work on–an umbrella:

I wish I could use it on my character always, but I do not have room to keep it on hand so it’ll just be staying on display.

After that, it was back to fishing and bug catching. I even ran into Pascal again. To go with the Pirate Armor from yesterday, I got the Helm.

Then, a friend of mine came over so I could give her some fruit and a net. She surprised me with a Maple Umbrella. We also had another person surprise us by coming too. And another. XD Rainy also came over on another character for a bit.

After, I headed to Jessie’s town where there might be less surprises 😛 I caught a few things I needed which was nice. There’s really a lot of prettiness in this game~

I then headed back to my town as Levashy wanted to meet up with me! And ended up being greeted with more people. @-@ I didn’t expect to see anyone so it always surprises me when people just pop in.

After more surprise guests and gifts from Levashy and Gerry, I closed out the gate :3 And then headed over to Wasabi, Mayor Neko’s village. She had offered us lots of fruit and I took a few I was low on along with some Bamboo as I had only 2 of those. We also had a bean fight XD

Then we had a fun tour :3 She had to go for a bit though, so I was sent back XD I have to say, the owl on the bulletin board at night is really cute!

And Thank you, Levashy for the lovely message! XD

After some planting and donations, Wasabi opened back up and I took another visit to finish the tour :3 And even got to go to her island!

I’ve actually unlocked some new tours which was awesome. And they had a Mermaid Floor for sale–I was 2 short, but a minigame helped me afford it and I picked it up 🙂 …I really should be saving my medals though X__x

But yes, we only did a couple (as she had to go again), but it was still lots of fun!

Now it’s mostly just back to bug catching and fishing until my inventory is full 🙂 But maybe that means I can get some of the pages done tonight instead (although, maybe I’ll go to the island again or something too). I also made a stop at Matt’s town, Brookden

Unfortunately, the internet where he is right now isn’t very good so it didn’t last too long 🙁

Random tidbit: I wish Able Sister’s was opened longer. I’m not interested in doing a late night town, but patterns take quite a bit :/ I should just stock some in my inventory so I can have them onhand to edit when I have time to. I also wish I could still do patterns with the D-Pad -_- As I felt that gave much better control. But yes, looking forward to doing public works tomorrow! (hopefully anyway) Can’t wait until I unlock the island too as it’ll at least give me something to do @-@ (oh, and I miss Blathers’ well, blathering)

I can’t wait until my house will look the way it should.

And as a bonus: Along with a SpotPass message saying it’s out, a special mail was given to anyone who’s played! Be sure to check it out for some special new stationery 😀

Oh, and Jumping off cliffs and the dock = always fun:

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