Day 203 + 204

Posted by: | on December 28, 2013

I didn’t find much time to play yesterday due to not feeling too up to it. Allergies have decided to come out in full force to say the least :/ Regardless, I did push myself to try and play a bit more today. It was probably a good thing though as I received a birthday invite from Diana. Her birthday is January 4th. I went and picked up some wrapping paper and ordered a Plaza Wall so hopefully she will like it.

Besides that, I was sad we didn’t actually get the Nintendo Zone Mii (available until January 9th in North America–or the US at least. Not sure if it’s the same for those in Canada) in the Plaza [in Animal Crossing]. He makes a comment about AC and is playing it, but alas, no meeting him there 🙁

Anyway, I will just end this saying that I really love snow.

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