Day 211-215

Posted by: | on January 9, 2014

Despite popping in, I haven’t been feeling up to writing much (partially because of my boyfriend’s renewed obsession with PSO2 after getting tired of waiting and partially because I’m doing miserable with allergies). Regardless, I decided to try and make sure I wrote some things today–especially as I wanted to quiz my villagers and make sure nobody was leaving.

I was greeted with yet ANOTHER letter from Nintendo. No gift this time!
“Dear Jennifer,
Travel to a Nintendo Zone
location to get a pumpkin
pie between 12/27 and 1/9,
an afternoon-tea set from
1/10 to 1/23, and a slushie
machine from 1/24 to 2/6”
Just a reminder of the Nintendo Zones. The items being given out again is actually almost up (ending at the Slushie Machine) so I wonder what they will be doing next…

Sadly, I didn’t get to play too much longer, but it at least looks like nobody is moving… ugh, if they could send out a patch to make it so you can stop getting specific villagers asking if they can move, I’d cry tears of happiness T___T

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