Day 37

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Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2
Re-tail Sign: Diving Beetle
Turnips: Sunday! Joan was selling for 91 Bells each.

Sunday means Joan is in town! I caught her to see what her prices were right before it hit noon.

Cheap price, but really no interest in buying anymore. I’ll just move towards the 100 million goal slow and steady. I would like to go faster though–I’d love to start work on my other character’s rooms and houses, but I don’t want to spend a lot of bells until I’ve hit 100 million…once I get the badge, I’m good.

I also had a new camper today.

Caroline is cute, but I already have a full town and she’s not really one of my favorites.

Despite being really fed up with villagers due to Buck being the last straw, I did stop by to say Hi.

“No…although, playing in boxes can be quite fun…”

Went to Brewster’s for Coffee and to work :3

Aww T~T Thanks, Brewster <3 I actually had 2 people from out of town for work which was interesting. Also, Joey is like...almost always there when I'm working. But yes, another perfect job <3 Brewster also gave me Cream and Sugar. I then went to the museum to check my fossils expecting usual failure... but... WAIT.


YAAAAAAAAAY! (I’ll forgive the pun)

I then visited Dr. Shrunk to get my emotion today :3

Inspiration Joke!

Also updated at Dream Suite and visited Katrina…still no special hat though T__T

Picking up the last Stained Glass lamp :3

Streetpass! <3
Got a Pinwheel and some Ice Cream today :3

I unlocked Color Contacts! Yay! Thus, Emi, Seamstry, and Sir are now complete!

…well, I may still be a bit undecided on Seamstry’s and Sir’s outfits…

As I continued my “Generate Public Works” plan, I did get a lovely flower fortune from Kiki.

You have no idea. 😛 (this actually fits me pretty well though)

Finally a request!

YAY! 😀

Zen Garden Celebration!

And now, the placed and paid off Heart Illumination…

So much yaying 😀

I also stopped by my mom’s to help set my aunt up, Carina’s to pick up two more shaved ice lamps, and Selaphi’s to drop off a painting. XD

Lots of visiting~

Refurbishing the newest North America DLC…the Rolling Suitcase:

Also met at Chananr’s for Suitcase and Cat Tower dropping off! 😀

Also dropped off Carina’s at her place :3

I then headed to check out the island and ran into Ruby. She wanted to see my house so I scheduled her for 9:30PM.

There was a Beach Table 😀 Not what I was hoping for, but I do need one so yay!

Picking up my suitcase…

That is fuchsia 😐 Not pink. I wonder how the other designs look… May try something else, but for now, I gave him the Beach table <3
It will be Red and White :3 If I don’t care too much for it though, I may try another design.

I then headed to Rainy’s to drop off the Beach Table I picked up for her plus a Catalogging party!

She also let me keep any doubles <3 With everything else done, it was finally... DREAM SUITE TIME 😀 Dream Address: 3900-0956-7193 – DISNEY 😀


DUFFY! And Shellie May! (Quick storytime: Once upon a time there was a bear named the “Disney Bear” in Disney World. They barely promoted it and despite making a few different colors, it just didn’t sell well. Tokyo Disney decided to pick it up and named the bear Duffy, gave him a story and personality, and even special costumes and things. He is INCREDIBLY popular. A few years ago, they introduced a rosey brown girl with blue eyes named Shellie May. A year or two ago, Duffy finally returned to the US with his own line of costumes here. The end! Random trivia: I have a Duffy from Tokyo Disney and a Pink Disney Bear that I named Ahim :3)

I then had to take a quick pause to stop by at Rainy’s again to meet up with her and Carina. Rainy ended up having an extra Lunar Horizon (which meant I FINALLY had the wallpaper for my Space Room) and Carina was giving me the new Europe DLC–White Police Cap. It IS reorderable for the record!

Picking up my Beach Table…

Yay~ It actually looks nicer than I expected 😀 Ruu then stopped by to pick up the Suitcase I had for her. It was actually her first time in my town :3

It was then back to the Dream Suite!
Dream Address: 2400-0205-5740

Dream Address: 1900 – 0190 – 7560

Good thing we have different eyes @-@

It was then time to rush home as Ruby was supposed to visit…

Made it :3

Dream Address: 5600-2205-7265 – Key Pass Village

Dream Address: 1200 – 1040 – 9659 – Pokemon Village

Dream Address: 2900-0476-3658

Dream Address: 2200-0884-4236 – Choco Poteto

And that was it for tonight <3 Then it was just gardening, fishing, and bug catching... -------------------------- Day 14: Picking up a Sand Dollar

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