Day 40 (And Day 41 preview)

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Re-tail Sign: Pirahna
Turnips: AM: 388 Bells | PM: 141 Bells

So, first thing I did was hike over to Re-Tail to check the AM price before it changed in a minute. However, on the way, I noticed a certain someone…

HI PHINEAS 😀 So of course after checking Re-Tail, I ran to talk to him 😛

Eeee! Just the Letter and Weeding Badges and I’ll have one of each 😀

Kyle was thinking of moving on the 22nd, but changed his mind when I told him he could. Bleh. I do think we are good friends, Kyle, but a water pump needs to go where your house is. 🙁 I haven’t actually gotten the request for it yet though so maybe this isn’t so bad… It does mean I’m getting leaving requests though so let’s hope I can get more Public Work stuff done.

It was then off to Brewster’s as I continued my digspot hunt.

I like how my coffee is actually lighter than Kiki’s. Anyway, I did perfect working for him again today so yay 😀

Attempt 2 at the Alpine Panel:

It worked this time!

I have also started Piggy refurbishing:

I’m going to have my own little mini farm <3 if only I could also fit it in my own house T__T

To Dr. Shrunk! 😀

Thought Joke! Oddly, this made me think of Zed.

Anyway, Phoebe suspiciously sold me a scary painting behind the Cafe… so it was time to see if it was real. Plus donate the statue I got from Redd.

Thankfully, both were real! 😀 (Although, I knew the statue would be)

Green Bunny Balloon from StreetPass! <3

Picking up my first piggy :3


Piggy Bank – Black

Piggy Bank – Ruby

Piggy Bank – Sapphire

Piggy Bank – Gold

Piggy Bank – Silver

Piggy Bank – Emerald

Piggy Bank – Amethyst

Picking up the next piggy!

A friend invited me over to catch some things.

I really love the Turban Shell quote. So cute.

Cutest sale quote~

Ruby randomly popped into my house, gave me a Captain’s Monitor, and then left shortly after.

Okay then. XD

I then stopped at Selaphi’s as she had some stuff for me (Thanks again!). On my way to drop some of it off in town, I ran into Phineas again!


The next piggy:

Also, randomly, I’ve had a few friends ask me to screencap their map and card so I decided to screencap mine for the heck of it:

With background:

Next Piggy 😀

Stopped at Selaphi’s again to drop off something and pick up more stuff <3
Thank you again!

FINALLY got Ruby to request something…unfortunately, an Archway Sculpture which I have no interest in 🙁

Besides the bridge I REALLY want, she can also still suggest these: Round Streetlight, Illuminated Clock, Illuminated Tree… so 1/4 chance tomorrow ._. Just stinks as it means another day where I won’t be building anything… :/

Picking up another Piggy :3 2 to go after this!

And the next Piggy… Just one more to go now!

Visited Megu 😀

Thank you for all the lovely items! <3 I'm glad I could help with the Mixed Wood set 😀 I also helped Imaginos with his Gracie evaluation.

Last Piggy!

Yaaaaay. And that’s really it. Mostly just item transferring around now @-@ But tomorrow will hopefully be fun.

Edit: As an early birthday celebration (as it is now after midnight), Eclipsed brought over some gifts!

THANK YOU! 😀 Now if only I wasn’t going to be tripping today 🙁

Lovely art I received from Taylor last night after commissioning:
You can commission her as well here :3

Day 17: You talking to Blathers

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