Day 6

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Video Log: Twitch Part 1, Twitch Part 2, Twitch Part 3, Twitch Part 4
Re-Tail Sign: Carpet
Turnips: AM: 118 Bells | PM: 124

So, today started off pretty rewarding. I received mail from Gulliver and Katie due to helping them yesterday. Gulliver sent me a Tribal Mask while Katie sent me a World Map. Then, right next to my house was Phineas!

He gave me a new badge 😀

I also noticed my tree got bigger!

Zed then invited me over so he could see the tree credits in English.

I love this music.

Then he brought me over to Club 444/LOL!

I HAD SO MUCH FUN OMG 😀 LOOK AT MY CUTE LITTLE DANCE MOVES. I also adore the remixes. I took lots of pictures, but the video just shows all the awesomeness so much better.

“Can I be Princess of the Dance Floor instead? I think that fits better.”

Unfortunately, then the Resetti error plagued us and it was over. But I still had fun! <3 Thank you for letting me stay a while, Zed :D

Yeeees, my trap for a Peacock Butterfly worked. WOO.

And continuing my sense of achievement… Gardening Store today!

Still not sure why it’s today and not yesterday :/ But whatever. Speaking of gardening though, my bushes failed… I guess it was too close for them too ._. So I shall have to edit the pattern since they can’t be RIGHT by the cliffside or river. Not sure what to do yet about it :/ At least I’ve prepared lots of flowers.

Unfortunately, my fortune cookie was a dud, but I got a cool Harpsichord (of course I bought one from Matt’s Re-Tail yesterday, but…).

Miranda put up a Harp in Re-Tail that I promptly bought. Now I just need a violin and I’ll have all 3 instruments I want!

Nooks’ Homes didn’t have anything I cared about so it was time to pay off my loan! He should be adding a second floor tomorrow! 🙂 …speaking of which, it’s probably bigger today isn’t it?


So, after buying out the shops again, StreetPass time!

I got a Blue Balloon today (and am in a terrible outfit due to inventory space)

Good news: I unlocked a Smug Villager!

Bad news: He’s where I want to put the cafe! So upset :/ I just need to hope he’s gone by the time I unlock it…

I also decided I’m going to bug Ruby instead. While I really need the Statue Fountain, I also plan to put the Fairytale bridge over there so it may be better to make sure I place that first @-@

My money rock ended up being filled with gems again today…. my storage is getting full 🙁 I need to start unlocking things quicker.

Campsite Celebration! 😀

I decided to build the Custom Design Sign next :3

Another Public Work paid off <3 On my way to finish selling things, Tammy asked to visit my house. We made a meeting time for 12:30PM @-@ After finishing chores, it was off to see what the island had today.... They had nothing good and I ended up heading back before tours because I forgot to put on my detective hat >> Before going to tourness though, I decided to Check Club Tortimer.

Unfortunately 🙁 Someone was here this time (And Club Tortimer had sucky items). Regardless, I decided I’d just try and do the minigames with them then… Sorry Miko for not being able to talk .-.

The fossil game was a bit harder than I expected, but I had fun. …and then Miko picked the hardest one @-@ Which we didn’t manage to complete :/ It’s hard when you can’t type. I then headed back since I felt like we lost due to the fact that I can’t type ._. Sorry again, Miko.

Anyway, back at my own island, it was time for more minigames.

I played the few new ones (there were more on Club Tortimer) and headed back. To my surprise, I had a balloon with the Golden Slingshot!

Unfortunately, I then realized I forgot my meeting with Tammy 🙁 Blah. Sorry, Tammy. After apologizing to Tammy, Joey asked me if I could find him a Neon Tetra… to the river I go.

Somehow, it was the first fish I caught. As thanks, he gave me an Optical Tank. This also reminded me that I had to give Ruby some furniture–so I gave her a Sea Bass. She surprised me with a Cupid Bench! Eeee <3 Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I have a place for it in my full house... Regardless, I'm sure I'll find a place in one of the side houses if I don't. I like to sit on Stumps~

…Well, this is just cruel. I popped it with my net anyway as that still gets me towards the badge.

With not much left to do, I decided to see what I still need for June:
Fish: Char (Waterfalls – 4AM-9AM + 4PM-9PM), Gar (Lakes – 4PM-9AM), Dorado (Rivers – 4AM-9PM). I’m also missing Coelacanth (Ocean – Raining/Snowing – 4PM-9AM), but that’s year around so.

Bugs: Ant (Spoiled stuff–all day), Centipede (Under Rocks – 4PM-11PM), Fly (Near Garbage – All day), and Tarantula (Running around on the ground – 7PM-4AM).

Diving: It LOOKS like I’m good, although, I may be able to get the Flatworm (August through mid-September – 4PM-9AM) and Horseshoe Crab (July through September, 9pm to 4am) (Horseshoe Crab is village only) on the Island (and possibly Sweet Shrimp + Spiny Lobster (both mid-September through February 4PM-9AM) as well due to the mid September). Rest are from Fall-Spring.

May buy 10 turnips just to rot for Ants or something :/ Unless someone has something rotten I can borrow.

It’s kind of neat how trains go past.

Selaphi invited me over to pick up a Mermaid Couch plus it was raining and it’s almost 4PM so I can hope to get lucky!

Heavy rain @-@

Selaphi had me try on the Lemon…pack…thing.

Not really my style.

And from my previous still needs list… got the Centipede! yay! …I should probably work on the Char most of all though as we won’t see it again until September once June ends. Rest I do have a bit longer even if I don’t get them this month…

Still no luck with the Coelacanth though 🙁 As it is, I dived in and a shark spawned on me @-x;

Obviously, it then ran away but… >_>

Taking a break from the Rain at Selaphi’s house.

Caught my first Dorado! Yay!

Ironically, I caught 2 more in a row right after that one.

I still have had no luck with a Char… even finding fish directly under the waterfall–they tend to be a Dace or Crucian Carp 🙁
I kind of wish you could pick a chimney smoke style for your house.

Hichiz then surprised me with some pink glasses @-@

While I don’t think she’ll wear them, if she ever did have glasses, they would be pink.

I then headed back home from Selaphi’s town as I had to meet with someone at 8 and wanted to get ready. Just need to hope nobody else joins…

At the very least, waiting is never a big deal since everything is just really pretty to look at. I understand why they removed constellations, but I think they could look really nice ingame. Not to mention I got an invitation to a weed picking event so I’m super excited to be doing that sometime soon! 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH! Eee <3 So exciting. Unfortunately, they didn't show up again 🙁 But Jessie invited me over to her town so I went over there to try and feel a bit better. I probably should've tried fishing while I was waiting considering I lost my chance at a Char until morning now... I can always try for a Gar still though. Or a Coelacanth if it's raining. I need to get trash again to try for the fly, rotten stuff to try for the ant, and the Tarantula I still haven't even seen... oh well. I can also try both of the diving things now I guess if I go to the island... Jessie gave me a vase and a lovely carpet 😀 And also a perfect peach! We also visited her camping villager. I might try and start working on Beetles for the Bug Hunt on Saturday--although, I may wait until tomorrow... I have a good formula thought out so far at least... Ended up going home to go on the island--just feeling tired/out of it so figured I'd try and hurry and finish up the day. Adding my lovely new rug and vase to my room before I go...

Wetsuit on and ready to go :3

After catching a few things, I then headed back and decided to call it an early day. Hopefully tomorrow goes better and I also get to finally meet up with that person… At the very least, yay for getting some of the pages on the site filled in…

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