Day 60

Posted by: | on August 6, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Tiger Butterfly
Turnips: AM: Missed | PM: 77 Bells

I ended up being late due to getting Maple so I ended up staying up a little longer while I took care of things. Since it hit 6AM, I decided to at least greet Flurry and Marcie. I’m hoping to try and get either Joey, Jeremiah, or Ruby out next.

But yes, Flurry’s house is adorable.

And I made sure to officially welcome her <3 I also got a Yellow Pinwheel today which means I now no longer need Pinwheels! 😀 Just 2 Balloons and I have all the StreetPass items I need. It turns out you can actually order balloons from the houses you get from StreetPass/SpotPass (which I found interesting as they DO NOT show up in the catalog). I do NOT know if this applies to all StreetPass items but I would not be surprised. So, a friend was able to order a Cyan Bunny Balloon for me and I had my boyfriend order me a pink one from my house so yaaaaaaay. Now I just need to check new houses and don't have to worry about getting all the items anymore 🙂 Besides that, I mostly worked on fixing up the catalog a bit. I really want to work on doing a recheck of it, but I seem to keep messing up the time... I'm also not buying out the shops anymore and only buying things if catalog stuff shows up due to ending up finishing with Gracie earlier than expected... Since I have most things done, I'm hoping to either work on flower planting or just doing Dream Suites soon. I have a list of 138 dream addresses I'd like to visit so I just hope I find a moment to do so soon. It'll be a fun stream~

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