Day 62

Posted by: | on August 8, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Koi
Turnips: AM: 65 Bells | PM: 61 Bells

Today started off quick enough–I was asked by Marcie to bury a Time Capsule.

I buried it on the beach as usual.

Then, I noticed Saharah…

“Princess! Not a Queen yet.”
She gave me Bath Tile Wall and Ramshackle Floor.

Then Kiki showed up for a surprise visit.

I actually needed a Jasmine Bonsai so yay.

Also, Merengue is officially secured so THANK YOU AGAIN! <3 Now I just have Molly and Marina to go 😀 It ended up raining a bit so there was a lovely rainbow out the next hour.

To end the day, I did a few Dream Villages (and random other stuff) before I had to go work again 🙁

Dream Address: I actually forgot to check…but the town is Gary♀? and the player’s name is Dusty

Dream Address: 3800-1948-1303 – cösmö† Village – I envy their villagers all nicely in a row 🙁 Since I know I’ll never be able to do that. Also their topiary. But yeah, visiting towns like this always makes me sad

Dream Address: 5800-2186-0465 – Kissfall Village

Dream Address: 7500-2295-0446 – Lilydale

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