Day 66

Posted by: | on August 12, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Pearl-Oyster Shell
Turnips: AM: 91 Bells | PM: 94 Bells

I ended up waking up early today so I decided to check and see where Diana had placed her plot (if she moved in yet).

Thankfully, she placed it in a very nice spot. I’m actually really happy with it. Just 4 more Villagers to move over and 2 more to get in the first place now! Redd was also in town again today.

Unfortunately, as Isabelle reminded me…well…

…I still feel bad 🙁 It’d be nice to be in time for the sale though. Hopefully I can also get a Cool Tank–it’s the only Summer item I still need. I may try and work on getting more flowers transferred over today though.

Anyway, since things wouldn’t be opened for 3 more hours, I took a break. I’d really like to work on flower transfers today though.

I did come back a bit beforehand though to drop some stuff off for Zed and hang out a bit. :3 We also went to the island!

It was fun <3 Upon getting back to my own town, I did check out my new shop.
I still feel bad.

I also stopped by Redd’s and to my surprise, ALL 4 paintings were real.

I didn’t even think that was possible…? Regardless, Rainy stopped by to pick up one of the pieces of art and even let me catalog some stuff 😀 <3 Anyway, I had decided to get another Poster Board refurbished. Picked up:

Unfortunately, I completely forgot about flower transferring due to all kinds of random stuff going on 🙁 Plus, I’ve decided to finally try and trade for some of the stuff on my wishlist. In the process, I have also been reminded why I hate trading. XD

It’s not that people aren’t nice, but I hate having items onhand that I am not using. I like them gone ASAP XD While it bothers me less when it’s a gift, waiting to trade (While I wouldn’t say I’m impatient, I will hold those items for a looooong time) just drives me crazy. Similarly, I constantly panic over if something is fair or not or if I made someone wait too long and all these other silly things.

Ignoring that, there was a new SpotPass house today!

She would get along well with Jessie.


Anyway, I didn’t do much else besides finish off trades and feel sad that I completely forgot about gardening 🙁 So that was really it for today.

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