Day 70

Posted by: | on August 16, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Soft-shelled Turtle
Turnips: AM: Missed | PM: 144 Bells

Today was probably the quietest day I’ve had in Animal Crossing for a while (if ever). Nobody wanted to move unfortunately–though, thankfully, it does seem Flurry is staying now so yay. There were also no special guests, nothing I really needed in shops, nothing special on the island, etc. The only thing I really did was more refurbishing of the Rococo Set in pink which if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen already since it’s in the mayor’s bedroom 😛 And of course do the daily fossil digging/rock hunting.

I only have a few Gracie Sale items left to go (unless one of the Gracie items is labeled incorrectly… it wouldn’t surprise me though): Blue Ringmaster Coat, Dollhouse Dress, Dragon Jacket, Mod Shirt, Pleather Pants, Tacky Sweater, and Tartan-Plaid Outfit. The rest of the items are Spring items for the most part with just 2 Fall items.

However, since I had nothing really going on, that made today perfect for…


Dream Address: 2900-1321-0208 – Wakaba Village – I had fun finding all the cute hidden presents.

This town really makes me want to get better at landscaping 🙁

Dream Address: 2800-0140-5359 – I’ve been here before so I mostly just took pictures of some of the updated stuff :3

Dream Address: 1400-0983-3534 – Spirited Away themed Town.

Dream Address: 4300-2159-3150 – Mori Village (Forest Village)

Dream Address: 2900-0395-5809

Bonus Note: I did try to stream a bit, but often had to run back and forth today so I didn’t link it. You are welcome to go to my twitch channel to look though. Maybe at some point I’ll go back through all of these and upload videos to Youtube… of course, I’d have to re-do some since some of my broadcasts were deleted 🙁

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