Day 74

Posted by: | on August 20, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Perfect Orange
Turnips: AM: 134 Bells | PM: 144 Bells

A friend had invited me over for Festivale to try and get feathers as she knew I really wanted them. While there, I figured I’d also do a little fishing and well…

…Hopefully I’ll do a better job when I get all the bugs in December.

Regardless, it obviously wasn’t a surprise to see Phineas in town when I returned.

I finally got my writing badge! Yay! Now I officially have one of each. Time to get gold in everything now 😀 Although, this is another one of those moments where I really wish I had more time to stream ._. I would’ve loved to record all of this… Especially considering my keyboard glitched out and I didn’t manage to get the letter badge screenshot (thus the screenshot shown instead).

Blathers’ reaction was also expected.

I can’t wait to get the Underwater Wallpaper–which is also the last wallpaper I need to catalog and the last wallpaper to finish a room (besides that, I really need a Mossy Carpet for one of Seamstry’s rooms).

Flurry alerted me that Joey was planning to move which means he should be moving out the 25th… Now to just get someone to move in Bellton and then get them over here. Shall work on that later.

I did visit Zed though and we played minigames.

Thank you so much for the carpet! He also stopped by my town for a bit after selling some Perfect Oranges 🙂 It’s been quite a while since the last time he was here. Rainy came by to sell hers too <3 After he left, Joey told me himself how he'd be moving soon:
Cookie is moving out soon in Bellton so this works out well. I then took a stop at Chananr’s to drop off some gifts for him 🙂

Anyway, besides that my refurbishing project continued, although, with a few special things:
I finally got a Plate Armor which meant I was able to order another to refurbish! 😀

All done:

Similarly, I also refurbished a Potty:


And made sure to order 2 more rope partitions which helped finish off the Royalty Exhibit:

Finally, to end the day… Saying bye to Joey:

And inviting Cookie:

And that was really it today. However, I’m slightly confused… twice recently I’ve had neighbors talk about the scent of “Pink Sea’s Apple Trees” and how they want one… except I only have 2 Apple Trees and my town fruit is peaches. I’m so confused 🙁

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