Day 77

Posted by: | on August 23, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Lantern Fly
Turnips: Completely forgot to check today

The day was started by being greeted by Kiki showing up randomly in my house.

Yay for another item I had yet to catalog.

I ended up having a camper today…

Kind of ironic considering she just moved out of Bellton.

Speaking of Bellton, Molly wants to move out so I may need to do some express moving… especially as it seems nobody wants to move out of my town today ._.

Marcie gave me a petition to get signed.

I wonder what an Official Town Bookmark would look like… It didn’t take too long to get it signed–I just went to Bellton. …I kind of wish the things the petitions are for would actually happen.

Kiki tried to call me lamb again…

I said no.

Redd’s in town today so I will have to see if he has anything my boyfriend or some of my other friends need.

Diana asked to come visit my house.

Decided on 10:30AM. @-@ And managed to just make it:

Continued wondering if I should try and get a move prompt… Regardless, it’s probably best to get it over with sooner rather than later so…

Julian had a request for me…

“But I wasn’t voted on… and I didn’t ask to be mayo–and hey! You weren’t even here when I became mayor.”

“Yes. Exactly that.”

Marcie also asked to play hide and seek with me…

I received a Sleek Closet for winning.

Then I gave up trying to get a moving prompt because I was having no luck 🙁

Suddenly though, I was told Kyle was thinking of moving…

Which would be good except I need him to move last since I’ll have to use a incomplete Reset Center to hold his spot 🙁 thus, I had to tell him to stay for now. Just need to hope Kiki, Ruby, or Buck want to move soon. Preferably Ruby first then Buck and then Kiki… then finally Kyle. Ugh, this is so stressful ._.

And that was really it today.

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