Day 79

Posted by: | on August 25, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Horned Dynastid
Turnips: Sunday! Joan was selling for 96 Bells each today.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who messaged me about my boyfriend’s dream villagers and my catalog! I appreciate it <3 Anyway, tonight is the last night for fireworks tonight. To my surprise, I ended up having 9 letters--I hadn't ordered anything so they were all from Villagers besides one from Gulliver. I've never gotten so many letters at once before so it was pretty surprising... Unfortunately, it still looks like there's no moving prompts :/ ugh, I swear, moving is so stressful and I feel don't like timetraveling much so other than a few emergencies, any more than that really really really bothers me. I know what I might have to do (especially if one of my boyfriend's villagers come up as even though I have 9 villagers there right now, I can't have more than one moving in at once), but I really don't want to T__T it'll make me feel bad and stress even more (random fact: I get paranoid when things aren't the way they are supposed to be) It's like I can't win :/ Only thing I've fully decided on is I'm going to wait until April for my final public work. It's going to suck that my town will never be complete until then, but there is no way I'd be comfortable earning that ahead of time. All I can do is envy the fact that people playing the Japanese game will be getting it next month 🙁 I really hate when villagers change stuff... time to get Diana another phonograph, Rococo Sofa, and Natty Shirt... On the bright side, the exterior I wanted for Sir was in stock. I only have 3 items left to go--the Roof and Door for Seamstry and the Door for Emi. Other than that, I mostly just catalogged stuff today. Thanks again to everyone who helped <3 Hopefully I can get Ruby, Kiki, or Buck to want to move soon... 🙁

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