Day 80

Posted by: | on August 26, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Carp + Coral
Turnips: AM: 48 Bells | PM: N/A Bells

I managed to find my fossils rather quickly today which is nice. Flower growing is still going well, though, at a pause until I have room for Molly in my main game… I did get a moving prompt, but it was Julian so I told him to stay… I swear, it’s like the game knows and wants you to suffer.

Anyway, since it was Monday there was a new SpotPass waiting.

I always feel awkward when I have more badges than the SpotPass Miis… Her house was really nice though.

I have to point out, however, while I know in the original the Medicine Chest is really the Food sauces and stuff like the Hospital TV is a restaurant TV or whatever in the Japanese game, but anyone who doesn’t know what is going to be really creeped out by the “Medicine Chest” in her kitchen…

Ruu had turnip prices at 628 today! 😀 So she let me visit to sell and also let me take home some Perfect Fruit <3 Thank you again, Ruu! <3 I finally had my first "Find someone and bring them here" request today. Peanut asked me to go find Diana.
Apparently Peanut wanted Diana to teach her “older-style” dances.

Julian asked me to visit his house at 1:30… I really hate when they ask to visit later–I’d rather just do so now 🙁 Sadly, due to not feeling well, I wasn’t able to play again today. Allergies are awful. v-v

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