Day 83

Posted by: | on August 29, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Horned Atlas + Apple
Turnips: AM: 60 Bells | PM: 139 Bells

So, it was another foggy-cloudy kind of day out today, although, I’m going to leave my Detective Hat on for now… I ended up having a camper today as well.

Hi Peck.

Zed invited me over to make a wish on a star as he was having a Meteor Shower

😀 I love the stars in this game–they are so pretty.

I made a MoriDB list with the items I still need to Catalog (Minus DLC not yet out and Tops) due to name changes in different languages so figured it could help if there were images. I will add tops and make a wishlist for items I want soon <3

New Public Work Request @-@

Yep… >>

Peanut has been constantly asking for food lately…

I guess she’s storing for Winter?

We headed to get the Afternoon Tea Set, but for some reason we had no luck… despite connecting to the Nintendo Zone, we would get a connection error :/ So either the zone wasn’t connected to the internet or the servers are down. I’m going with the latter since we tried multiple places… we may try again later tonight.

Diana ended up wanting to go over to my house…

…I feel like they ask way too much in this game. ._.

On the bright side, I got two new shirts in Able Sisters and the door I wanted for Seamstry was finally in stock and I got Emi’s door in Bellton. Just need Seamstry’s roof now.

Unfortunately, after hearing from some friends and stuff, it doesn’t look like the servers are up today or something which means no Afternoon Tea Set today 🙁 I’ll be trying again tomorrow, but I’m just…super upset about this.

Anyway, I just did refurbishing after that to mail off some more furniture. Wasn’t really in the mood to do much else with the afternoon tea issues 🙁

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