Day 84

Posted by: | on August 30, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Peach
Turnips: AM: 82 Bells | PM: # Bells

Due to today going kind of iffy, this is going to be a quick summary compared to usual:
-Received 4 Letters: A Dolly from Wishy, the Statue I got from Redd for my boyfriend, a Lovely Love Seat from Diana, and a Bamboo Shoot from Molly.
-I saw another Silver Slingshot go by and just ignored it as I wanted to check on all my villagers.
-Cookie asked me to bury a Time Capsule for her.

-I headed down and jumped off the Cliff into the water to bury it on the beach. Sadly, there is no cliff climbing in this game, so I took the long way back up and ran into Gulliver along the way. He is now back on his way to Ireland.
-Ordered Molly a Rococo Dresser, Sofa, Bed, Shelf, and Wardrobe. Will have to refurbish later.
-Doesn’t look like anyone is moving.
-Found an Elegant Mushroom next to the Camping Stump today
-Catalogging. Thanks to everyone who helped T~T
-After taking a break for a bit due to work and feeling terrible, I loaded back up for a surprise–a mail from Nintendo O__o

*opens* …


-Mikayla stopped by to drop off stuff and pick up her tea sets! <3 Thank you again, Mikayla T~T -Found a roof that I think may look nicer than the white so going to have Seamstry use that instead which means all houses are now done! -Dropped off Tea Sets for Ruu as well! <3 Thank you for gifts! T~T -Then it was just refurbishing, catalog research, and some more fishing on Emi @-@

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