Day 86

Posted by: | on September 1, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Tiger Beetle
Turnips: Sunday! Joan was selling turnips for 93 Bells each

I still feel kind of iffy, but going to try and do the usual format today. It was storming in my town–I wonder if it came over from Zed’s alt town that I helped out a bit yesterday. Regardless, I stopped over at Lavender to drop a Bathtub for them and catalog something <3
I also received a town tour~

I then stopped by the Post Office :3

Yaaay T~T <3 Had two lovely places to put it:

I umm… need to pay more attention when I go to people’s towns XD

I accidentally surprised them. Thankfully, they were very nice (Although, I still feel bad). I was expecting someone else to show up and I didn’t even look >>

New Public Work request~

I’m glad I can fill up my list, but I feel bad that none of these will be built >>

I then tried to work on catching a turtle on Emi for her basement room, but no luck for the most part… After over 90 minutes, finally got one though which finishes off the basement room 🙂

After that…LOTS of flower transferring x-x But if all goes well, hopefully Pink Sea will be fully covered in pink flowers…

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