Day 87

Posted by: | on September 2, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Wallpaper
Turnips: AM: 84 Bells | PM: 78 Bells

So first of all, Happy Labor Day everyone! Before I headed to meet Isabelle, I decided to check with villagers and see if anyone was moving first while digging for fossils as I still had lots of pink flowers to plant. Flurry asked me to sign a petition, however…

Rainy let me visit to get it signed 🙂 Flurry gave me her picture as a thank you! <3 Upon getting back, I made sure to open up for Labor Day ^-^ For Chananr and Mikayla and anyone else who needed to stop by!

Faceboard <3 We had much fun with it:
…I really want shishkabobs now though. And I don’t think I’ve ever done any of that on Labor Day. XD (And Thank you Chananr for the paintings for my boyfriend and another friend of mine!)

I couldn’t find my last fossil, but I’m sure I will once I start putting things down. Also nothing about anyone thinking of moving… :/ I’d like to think someone would’ve by now which makes me paranoid…but nobody mentioned anything v-v

Besides that, it was Monday despite Labor Day so new SpotPass house!:

They had an interesting house~

And that was mostly it for today @-@

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