Day 88

Posted by: | on September 3, 2013

Re-tail Sign: Headgear
Turnips: AM: 74 Bells | PM: 92 Bells

Back to the allergies need to leave me alone already format…

-Still need to get flowers over 🙁 Blah. I recorded my catalog so I can try doing it in pieces, but I kind of got frustrated near the end so I’m not even sure if it will help. I need to get things done though.
-Looks like another day of rain.
-Cookie wanted to move… while her housing placement is frustrating, I really adore cookie and having to do 16 move outs would ruin the game for me :/ Back to trying to get Buck or Ruby to move…
-Diana asked to come visit my house at 11AM.
-Molly wanted a Peach. She gave me a Space Captain’s Seat as thanks.
-Imaginos let me come over to pick weeds for him <3 He also let me have some items 😀
I even found a clover!
-After picking up so many weeds…

I got a Tulip Dresser :3
-Flurry asked to come visit my house at 2PM.
-I noticed my tree has grown XD This is probably quite a delay…

126 people to go until 500!
-Now back to flowers… x-x

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