Day 91

Posted by: | on September 6, 2013

Despite feeling a lot better, I’m still going to go with the quick format so I don’t jinx myself.

-I decided today would essentially be letting writing day as I will be working on trying to get the special Stationery which seem to be given through villagers. I’m not sure what I could ask for to help “trigger” it, but I will do my best to try and find the Gallery Paper, Halloween Paper, Museum Paper, and Post-Office Paper.
-Redd’s in town. Only real one is the Warm Painting.
-Julian wanted me to get him a Peach. As a thank you for the Perfect fruit, he gave me his picture!

…I swear, how am I getting so many pictures so fast suddenly.
-Marcie asked for me to get her “Spider-Relocation Service” petition signed.
-Looks like nobody is moving.
-Dropped off Medicine for Ruby. She should be walking around again tomorrow.
-Apparently I was wrong–Diana was actually thinking of moving… thankfully, I stopped her. x-x Thankfully, she did say the 11th so this was decided today and it wasn’t like I missed a day…
-Jessie came to visit!

I also visited her town after <3 And got my petition signed :3

I also was able to catalog the last Gyroid I needed! And got to catalog some shirts too :3
-As for the petition… Marcie gave me her picture as thanks! T~T <3
-I didn’t send as much mail as I would’ve liked, but sent some. However, the reason I didn’t is because I FINALLY finished flowers! I may work on moving some villagers out soon… I’d really like to get my town back into shape 🙁

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