Day 94

Posted by: | on September 9, 2013

Sometimes, I just want to talk to my villagers without them asking for something or once again saying how they want to visit my house. Thus why I liked that you could ask for a task or if you just wanted to talk to them, could just talk. It’s just super annoying when I just want to make sure nobody is moving and they keep requesting things and then I hit the wrong option in the menu and bleh T__T

Anyway, it seems nobody is moving today… hopefully. Although, I haven’t found everyone yet either :/ On a different note, it’s Monday which means new SpotPass house!

If I recall correctly, Chiko is the Demo Mayor–though I think the town may have been different.. Her house was relatively small but…

I suppose it fits her outfit, house exterior, and description though…as strange as it is.

On the bright side, the last pair of bottoms I needed were in the Able Sister shop today! Yay! If I can just get the Ogre Wig now, the only hats/headgear I’ll have left are DLC stuff. Upon saving to make sure nothing bad happened, I noticed Phineas outside my house!

Eeee 😀 Silver StreetPass Badge!

I haven’t done them in a while and was really in the mood, so I opened up my list and decided to do a few Dream Villages.

Dream Address: 5500-2460-8464 – OakRidge Village


Dream Address: 5000-2196-7438 – Inkstone Village

Dream Address: 1900-0135-6483

It was then time to try for Emergency moving… so highlight reel:
-Cookie wanted fruit. I gave her a Perfect Orange. She gave me a Dracaena as thanks.

To be honest though, this move is going to hurt me the most 🙁 She was definitely the one I was closest to of my original villagers…. Regardless, she’ll be moving on the 15th.
-Thus…it was time to say good bye 🙁

-Paying off the Police Station…

-Inviting Maple…

-Finding Maple’s plot…

…er…I’d prefer if it was over more, but it’s not terrible. It’ll take a bit to make it look okay though…
-And Celebrating the Police Station!

-And thus, saying Hi to Booker :3

Shall have to try and get Kyle moved out and Merengue moved over tomorrow…

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