Day 95

Posted by: | on September 10, 2013

So, today started off very… request-y I guess? Every animal I stopped to talk to on my way started asking me to do something for them X__x Seriously… sometimes I just want to talk T~T So now I need to catch a Moray Eel for Julian, get an orange for Peanut, and find some nice furniture for Molly. Thankfully, Marcie didn’t jump me with a request so I was actually able to talk for a bit.

Anyway, I had a lamp being refurbished for Molly and I probably was going to skip the Eel as I didn’t want Julian ruining how hard I worked on getting his furniture set up… so I went to get Peanut her orange to drop off before heading to greet Maple.

I also managed to get two shirts I still needed to catalog from the Able Sister’s today so yay 😀

It was then time…to try and get the last villager moved over (and thus, Kyle moved out).

-Attempt 1: Molly tried to leave 🙁 I told her no of course.
-Attempt 2: Peanut tried to leave. Stopped her too.
-While not a moving attempt, Marina wanted fruit… I gave her a perfect Apple and well…

-Attempt 3: Julian. Stopped him v-v; Come on, Kyle…
-Attempt 4: Cookie. Successfully stopped.

Unfortunately, while trying to get Merengue to want to move, I somehow did one day too many and Ruby was apparently in boxes.. I can’t think of how (I literally got a 9th person moved in and only did 3 days forward), but bleh… so much for keeping her around. ._. Thankfully, Blue offered to hold her <3 -Attempt 5: Flurry tried to leave... stopped her. Thanks to Jessie, I got to catalog more items I needed 😀 Which helped get a lot of tops out of the way. I now have less than 50 items to catalog overall! -Attempt 6: Diana tried to leave. Stopped her. -Attempt 7: Finally! Kyle was moving. Thus, it was time to say goodbye...

And of course, invite Merengue to move.

Now…to find her plot…

It’d have been better if it was up and to the right a bit more, but I’ll take it <3 I'm looking forward to getting the public works I want built (and certain ones demolished) starting tomorrow! 😀 Then it will be time to landscape!

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