Day 97

Posted by: | on September 13, 2013

NOTE: This entry is sadly several hours late due to our power going out. It finally returned about 20 minutes ago, thus, entry time!

Today was Nature Evaluation day–to see what survived and what did not.

Exhibit 1: Success

Exhibit 2: Success

Exhibit 3: Success

Exhibit 4: Success

Meanwhile, Molly wanted to come over to my house at 4:30PM today… @-@ so much house visiting. I also had a camper today.

Marcie tried to move. I told her no.

Exhibit 5: Success

Exhibit 6: Success

Exhibit 7: Mostly Success

Not too surprising, the bush right next to the rock died… but everything else is good.

Exhibit 8: Success

Exhibit 9: Success

Exhibit 10: Success

So overall, pretty good!

Gulliver was here today. I helped him find his way back to Egypt.

And Diana asked for a pear @-@ I got her a Perfect one and she gave me a Five Lamp as thanks.

Towards the end of the day, I started work on a Hanbok to wear when I visit Mikayla next week <3
…It still needs work T~T But I’m trying my best <3 Then, since I didn't have time yesterday, I decided to do a few Dream Villages... which then didn't happen because as mentioned at the beginning of this entry, our power went out. 🙁 Which also meant I wasn't able to help Jessie tonight either... bleh. But yes, expect dream villages next entry T__T

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