Day 98

Posted by: | on September 13, 2013

Today was rather simplistic. I checked on all my villagers, got a Mummy’s Casket in the mail from Gulliver, and not too much was happening. Although, apparently there will be a Meteor Shower tonight so maybe I will update my Dream Village after 7PM. Diana asked to come over to my house at 3:30PM, but I’m still terrible at remembering those things.

Jessie stopped by and we worked a bit more on landscaping… Shall see how it turns out tomorrow. Then I visited her enough so she could finally get the Train Station remodel~

Then, to finish off the day, I decided to do the Dream Village I had entered last night, but didn’t get to go to due to the power dying so…

Dream Address: 3200-0118-4288

Short day sadly–but that’s what happens when allergies suck and you can’t sleep due to power outages X__x

I did, at least, make sure to make a wish too:

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